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Where to Write My Book?

Should I go back to India?

I am currently writing the book about my travels to every country in the world. To write such a book in my flat in Oslo would totally collide with the content. So I won’t. But where should I go? I have 80 days of writing to go. That would just about give me time for a Phileas Fogg, but I also have to work, so that is ruled out. I have however received a writer’s grant from the Norwegian Freedom of Expression Foundation, aka. Fritt Ord. That enables me to to fund six weeks off work, without pay.

Being slightly restless, it is unlikely that I will write everything in one place. But how about six spots, with one week in each? There’s always a plane, train or knackered Peugeot 505 bush taxi to transport me in between them all.

All I need are inspirational surroundings, the occasional mind-blowing dish and a peaceful balcony with a view. And possibly a bar, should I run into writer’s block. Brown liquer allegedly helps. Or not. But which six places should I go to? I should of course know, following my research around the world, but there are just too many nice places out there.

The deadline for the Norwegian version is February 5, and I am in contact with publishers in a few other countries too. You mean you are also interested in publishing the book? Do get in touch, adventurous soul.

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