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Gunnar Garfors and The Garfors Globe

Gunnar Garfors has travelled to every country in the world.




With over 30 years of travels, he has a wealth of knowledge and stories to share. Perhaps you are looking for inspiration for your next trip, want some trips or hacks or desperately need to know what not to do on the road. You will find all here at The Garfors Globe, your ultimate source of travel information from a slightly restless globetrotter. 


Travel should not just be about visiting new places, but also about experiencing different cultures, engaging with locals and other travellers and learning about the world and yourself. Gunnar is passionate about travel. Check out his travel articles for inside info and recommendations. You can also learn more about the Norwegian's travels through his six books, available for purchase in various languages. 

Wanna know more about what he has done? Check out his CV

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