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Book Gunnar Garfors for your event


Gunnar Garfors has travelled to every country twice and has a plethora of travel stories to share with you. He has spoken at various events in over 30 countries on six continents, and often takes part in discussions and debates on stage, radio and TV. 

The Norwegian is a popular speaker and takes audiences in Norway and abroad on funny, informative and thought-provoking journeys around the world. From the stage you will get real stories containing bucketloads of empathy, large doses of self-irony and comprehensive knowledge about the places he takes you to. 

Garfors can deliver presentations on any topic within travel, including the places or topics you prefer. The easily travelled guy worked for over 20 years at The Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation NRK as a journalist, project manager and director of developments. In 2021 he decided to go solo, and he has since made a living from travel, presentations, podcasts and books. His unique and very varied background makes Gunnar Garfors a sought after speaker and MC. He may also be willing to take you on a trip to unknown corners of the world or help you plan your trip. 

Presentations he has given include the following: 

The Least-Visited Countries of the World 

Norway Beyond the Beaten Track 

Around the World in 80 Minutes 

The World's Worst Countries

Sustainable Travel 

If you're interested in having Gunnar Garfors speak at your event,

please go through one of his agents for pricing and availability: 

Seriøst Firma



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