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“How I Ran Out of Countries” Now in Two Languages

The English version contains pretty much the same as the Norwegian one,

but it is much more handy and travel friendly. And less than half the price.

It took less than 10 months from the Norwegian version of “198: How I Ran Out of Countries” – about my travels to every country – was released in Norway until it also came out in English. My book is now available to buy “everywhere.” List of online shops below.

What to expect? I’ll quote the back cover:

“Gunnar Garfors has visited all 198 countries in the world – as the youngest hobby traveler – and has encountered people, places and situations most can only dream of. The globetrotter has deftly woven his experiences together into a story that takes the reader on an emotive ride and establishes a connection with him and his quest. Expect outrageous tales grouped in original themes, complete with own chapters for every country.”

Order it online:

The English cover, made by fantastic designer Johanne Hjorthol.

Or buy it in a bookshop You may order the book at your local book shop, in which case you should make a note of the book’s ISBN number 978-0-9964785-9-5 to make the order process easier. Find a collection of reviews or see what people say on Goodreads. Happy or not with the read, I still appreciate if you leave your own review of the book on the website where you purchased it or on Goodreads. The suggested retail price is $14.98. That is less than a dime per country! The eBook version retails from $6.98.  Norwegian, please You’d rather want the Norwegian version? It was published by  by Det Norske Samlaget. You may buy it online from one of these fine online book shops:

Self-published My contacts in the international literature world are sparse, so I did in the end decide to self-publish in the US (using both Create Space and Ingram Spark) after having been given the blessing to do so by my Norwegian publisher. Quite a few of you have pre-ordered a version and asked for it to be signed. I am of course still happy to do so, but the costs of sending the book via Norway – the most expensive country in the world – and then on to you – are, let’s say, on the high side. Do however let me know if in Oslo, and I will be happy to make your copy non-returnable by adding a rather ugly-looking autograph on page 3.

The sweetest “pre-order” ever was probably this one, which read: “I have a secret: my library buys me every book that I want, provided I patiently wait for them to process it. If you let me know when it’s in English, I’ll get the ****** City Library to purchase it for all the citizens here to read.”

Alphabetical country list If you would like to tick off the countries you have visited, you can find an alphabetical list of all the countries in the world, here (download PDF), to print out.

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