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My first book review

I have written a book about the 198 countries in the world. The Norwegian version hits the shelves in September, whereas the English version should be ready for release next year. Photo: Linda Cartridge/Samlaget.

So, I have written a book. It will come to Norwegian book shops on September 18. And yet, I am working on the English translation too. I sent the unfinished version to a former fellow student of mine for feedback. Her preliminary review was rather encouraging.

“The sly humor and sarcastic undertone kept making me smile, and at times laugh out loud. I love the smooth transition between stories, how they are tied together and the conveyed sense of a never ending adventure. The story is incredibly original and contains ‘logical insanity’, i.e. things that sound outright crazy on the surface, yet make total sense when you think about them. I found myself trying to scroll past the last page in search for more.”

Laila AlJasem from Kuwait said. She was not paid to write any of that.

And yes, there will be more. In English. Unfortunately 500 pages takes a while to translate.

AlJasem has worked in banking, investments, telecom and human development. She is now persuing a career within the latter field. I’ll certainly send her my book when it publishes. In English.

The Norwegian version can be ordered here. Or pre-order the English version.

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