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Do You Wanna Publish Me?

A burqa is the perfect outfit for a first time author. I can easily hide if the book is slaughtered by critics. If I am lucky enough to get any critics, of course. Photo: Marius Arnesen.

There’s been a lot of media attention after I completed visiting every country in the world. And not only in Norway. I have also been interviewed by media outlets in Brazil, Romania, the US, Spain, China, India and Afghanistan. To name a few.

One of my goals has been to write a book about my travels. A book with a story from every country. But would anyone publish it? It turned out that others had the same idea. My phone rang a couple of weeks ago.

– So, how about writing a book?

– I am already at it.

– Great! Let’s have lunch.

We did. Italian. They like the idea, and I am now negotiating a book deal with the publisher. A Norwegian publisher. The only problem is, 95% of my readers of aren’t Norwegian. And they certainly can’t read Norwegian. Disastrous! After all, we gave the world words like ski, snow, ice and fjord. Not to forget hey, Viking and lutefisk.

Some people like my writings. Some people hate what I write. Most don’t know they exist. Some of those who have read a story or nine of mine ask me when “the book” will be published. I will soon know the date for the Norwegian version.

So, do you want to publish me? In English, Spanish, Chinese or Portugese. You’ll pocket 198 countries while at it.

Do get in touch. Which country you’re from doesn’t matter. I have been there anyway. He said arrogantly.

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