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Book Finished, Sort Of

The draft version of my book, printed out. I hate proof reading!

My deadline was February 5, and I managed to meet it with 7 hours to spare. The end result consists of stories from my travels all 198 countries of the world, categorized in 21 themes such as food, drinking, the -stan countries, island hopping, love (?) and troubles.

My Norwegian editor, Bente Riise of Samlaget, now has to struggle to get through 316 pages. That is 148,455 words or 690,213 characters. That means that my average word length is 4.65 letters. As if anyone cares. Then again, Bente has to. Poor editor!

I have finished writing my book in a number of countries, since December in Greece, Belarus, Norway, the UK, Georgia (the country, not the state), Turkey, Brazil, South Africa, Namibia, the Philippines and Japan. Then again, the book has of course been researched and written in every one of the 198 countries. I don’t know if that is a first, but there sure cannot be many authors that can claim the same. And yes, it does come recommended.

My brother Øystein and our friend Torgeir Halvorsen came to meet me in the Namibian desert to help finalize the book and they provided invaluable input. The work is still far from over. The publisher and I will have to create the front and back covers, agree on the design and probably rewrite what has been written so far. More than once, I suspect. This is, after all, my first book. And maybe my last. All I know is that the final version of this book will not contain 148,455 words. Maybe more, maybe fewer.

The book is due for release in Norway in September. I am also in talks with regards to other language versions, including English and Portugese, but no deals for those have yet been agreed.

Do get in touch if you are interested. This website had one million hits in 2013. 97% of them were from outside Norway. I write about media in addition to travel, travel stories are still more popular by far! is most popular in the following countries, according to IP addresses:

USA: 44% of readers United Kingdom: 8% Canada 6% Norway: 3%

Australia: 3% Hungary: 2% India: 2% Brazil: 2% Germany: 2% China: 1% Other countries combined: 28%

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