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The Best Airport in the World

Garfors Awards 2012: SLU, the world’s best airport.

Asian airports regularly win awards for being the best in the world. Incheon outside Seoul and the international airport in Hong Kong often receive acclaim for good reasons. I should know, I have been to a few. None of the famous ones can however match my favourite airport in the world. And it is not even in Asia. It is in North America, but not where you might expect. Saint Lucia is with its 617 square kilometers one of the smallest countries in the world. It has two airports, the smallest one being George F. L. Charles Airport with the IATA airport code SLU. Why is it so great? It’s virtually on the beach, the check in area being only 20 meters from the water. And the beach is exactly like you imagine a pristine Caribbean beach, with fine white sand and crystal clear water. The location of the airport invites to a rather unusual airport experience.

07:00. Checking in on Liat flight 368 to Antigua.

07:05. Swimming in front of the airport.

07:25. Still swimming.

07:40. Passport control and security check.

07:55. Boarding.

08:00. Airborne.

The airport is also only two kilometers from Castries, the capital city. Other facilities include a newsagent which sells postcards and stamps, a souvenir shop and a pretty decent coffee shop. What else do you need? SLU is hereby awarded the 2012 Garfors Awards as the world’s best airport.

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