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Visiting Every Country Twice

On the river bank in Asunción, the capital of Paraguay.

After two years of research I have finally finished my book about the world’s 20 least visited countries (titled ‘Nowhere’ and available to preorder in Norwegian, to be released in April). Returning to all of them for research gave me so much. I met people with incredible stories, saw jawdropping sites and sceneries and am now left with countless non-forgettable experiences. It may not come as much of a surprise that I also noticed vast amounts of changes from my first visits.

That made me realize that no country deserves to be visited only once, and I decided to revisit every country in the world. Another reason to do it is that people and places change, just like your hometown and the country you live in. That I have been in a country 15-20 years ago doesn’t exactly make me an expert on it anymore, if it ever did. The changes have been too substantial. Stories and experiences luckily last forever, relevant travel know-how from around the world does not.

I am currently writing this in Paraguay, which means that I have now visited over 95 percent of all the countries at least twice, with only a few ones remaining. Follow my quest to finalize the second round of the worlds countries on Instagram or Twitter and find out whether I will in fact be successful. Some visas are trickier than others, let’s say, and both bureaucracy and cancelled flights have hampered countless travel plans before…

Regardless of progress, I’ll publish photos every day on social media, using #everycountrytwice.

Wish me luck…

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