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Travel Pilots of the Caribbean

Sometimes some people get some stupid ideas. This particular one came to life together with Mr. Thorkild Gundersen. He is a producer, journalist and the man behind the coolest music festival in Norway, Over Oslo (the stage is on a mountain with Oslo and the fjord as the backdrop, it’s magic). We met up in Oslo last winter. I hope beers were involved.

Our dialogue went something like this:

– What if we travel around the Caribbean to do some filming?

– What the hell would we need that raw material for?

– We edit it together and see what kind of TV clips we end up with. Sort of like short travel pilots.

– This has been done before, like a million times.

– Not by someone spending only 24 hours in each country.

– Hahaha…totally insane. But let’s top it. How about we do it without any preparations or research at all, and see what the hell comes of it?

– You are aware that we will never be hired for any TV jobs ever again?

– Fuck it. Easy is boring. And we’ll have an amazing holiday anyway.

And we did. You can judge the end result yourself, through three short videos. All was shot on an Iphone and later edited by fellow Norwegians Peder Opland and Herman Hjelkrem.

We actually filmed a fourth one in Jamaica, but that was done in Norwegian and still hasn’t been edited. Click on the titles below to watch on Youtube.

Our first video. And Thorkild actually lost his plane to Nassau, so we had even less than 24 hours. More of a challenge, if nothing else.

Yes, you have to see that waterfall. Magic, truly magic! And I got to be co-pilot in the small plane on the way there.

3. Trinidad and Tobago (4m11s) – can also be watched at the top of this article

This video turned out to be hectic as hell to make. There was simply too much to do in this little country just north of South America.

Thorkild and myself in Kingston, Jamaica.

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