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Introduction of the Year

I was recently introduced to someone by Chris Crew from Seattle, one of my friends and a talented writer who certainly knows how to put it. He thought the two of us might find mutual benefit in getting acquainted. This is how Chris, himself a teacher, introduced us to each other in an email:

“Y’all are both referenced by me in my classroom when talking about how there are way more and more awesome jobs in the world than my kids realize. Also: I don’t really understand what either of you do but it involves business meals. My last business meal was enchiladas made by the cafeteria ladies for our parent conferences before the district outlawed using budgets for food.”

It made me laugh out loud. Thanks, Chris! Although I must say that I hate the sound of such strict budget policies in schools. The kids are our future. Unless the Inca Indians turns out to be right or Kim Jong-un presses the wrong button.

Any other superb introductions out there?

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