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Yet Another Travel Show

Bhutan may be one of the places we will visit. Here on a research trip to Tiger’s Nest.

Watch the preview video here. I have teamed up with Adelia Television in the United Kingdom to produce a new travel concept for television. The production company is based in Bournemouth and is run by CEO Adrian Butterworth whom I have worked with before on various projects. He will be directing, producing and filming. I will just be myself, a slightly restless traveller.

Adrian Butterworth.

Yet Another Travel Show? As if we need any new travel programs. Well, this is designed to be slightly different. The idea will be presented later this summer through the first pilot. What we can reveal is that you won’t get to see the traditional touristy things, so if your idea of a holiday is inspired by crowd surfing you may not be part of our target group. The question is of course whether we will manage to be different enough to stand out and make the end result worthwhile to watch.

Feel free to contact us or discuss Yet Another Travel Program on Twitter. For updates on the travel show, keep visiting or follow me on Twitter: @garfors The Twitter topic is #continentrun

Press photos of the production team? There are a few here.

Gunnar Garfors is a traveller whose goal is to visit all 198 countries of the world. He has 24 to go. He is originally a journalist, but now works as a CEO of NMTV, a Norwegian mobile television company and as President of IDAG, an international radio and TV organization. He additionally works on distribution matters for Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation NRK. Garfors covers media, technology and travel on this blog,

Adrian Butterworth is originally a video journalist whose goal is to become one of the UK’s leading producers of viral videos. He is CEO of Adelia Television, a fast reacting, social media savvy, video production agency with record ROI client stats. Adelia Television documentaries are used by both the UK home office and corporate clients. Butterworth covers viral video production, video technology and camera tutorials on his blog, He has broad experience from various television broadcasters across the UK.

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