Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I Equaled Heineken

From an ad in an In-flight magazine.

I am a traveller. A few years ago I decided to visit all the countries of the world. Not for bragging purposes. The travels certainly generate a lot of stories. Some sad, some mad, some crazy, some fun and some just extraordinarily. But the main reasons is to try to get a slightly more accurate picture of the big small world we live in, the people, the cultures and all the contrasts.

Today I arrived in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. It is the coolest capital name I know. It means 'where people get honor and respect'. Burkina Faso is the 172nd country I visit. Recently I saw the ad above in an In-flight magazine. So, now I have equaled Heineken. And I am still thirsty for more. I will pass the Dutch brewery this week. If the visa hawks want. Those at Ouagadougou International Airport were especially friendly though.

- I just gave you a multiple entry visa. So you can gome and go and come and go...

She said and put up a very broad and shining smile.

Others claiming to be in many countries

196: Hyundai
195: Amadeus
194: Mobility Benefits
192: MoneyGram
191: Agape Italia
190: Schneider Electrics, UNICEF 
189: Star Alliance, Universal Postal union, Western Union 
188: Lions Club, Thomas Cook
187: Suzuki, Vodafone
186: Red Cross/Red Crescent,
185: Alcoholics Anonymous
184: Rotary
180: Canada (embassies and consulates), TUI Travel
175: Dow, Ericsson, IBM
170: Heidelberg, New Holland Agriculture, Whirlpool