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Who Wrote the Best Tweet, Ever?

I don’t envy Cristiano Ronaldo, I don’t envy Bill Gates, I don’t envy Barrack Obama I only do envy Gunnar Garfors. @garfors

Cenk, August 11, 2015. Well, at least I think this is the best Tweet of all times. No wonder, really, if you know who Barrack Obama, Bill Gates and Cristiano Ronaldo are. Then again, who would envy their high-profiled, assumingly semi-stressful (although decently paid) positions when you can rather travel the world and soak up experiences, tastes, feelings and atmospheres? I had to find out who was behind this Tweet.

“As a Turkish citizen I have to spend a lot of time and money on legal procedures related to obtaining visas and this annoys me a lot!” he explained to me.

Sounds familiar, hey?

“I read about you in an article and I said “Oh, my god! This guy already did what I would ask from the genie in a bottle,” Cenk said.

Visiting many different cultures and countries certainly comes recommended. The story about my travels and the book about them has already attracted international interest in dozens of countries.

You might want to follow Cenk on Twitter. I already do (link taken down on Cenk’s request).

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