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Garfors Goes on Tour

Gunnar Garfors unsuccessfully trying to negotiate with a camel outside Aden, Yemen. Photo by Lexie Alford.

I often speak about travel at various events and conferences, and I love it. To share experiences and to engage with anyone from avid female travellers that explore Africa on their own to grandfathers who never left their own county inspires and motivates me. I am however usually one of several speakers, while the event is typically paid for by a company.

But recently I was asked to hold travel presentations to a paying audience. People will in other words have to buy a ticket for no other reason than just to hear me speak. Scary as hell.

Then again, easy is boring. I will speak in Trondheim on May 23 and in Nøtterøy on June 3. Maybe I will inspire you to travel somewhere you haven’t visited yet. Or maybe you are happy that I travel on your behalf. The mini tour may be expanded if anyone but my immediate family turns up. Then again, none of them live nearby any of these locations. Beating my all-time low attendance is luckily virtually impossible. I have spoken at over a hundred events, with audience figures ranging from 1 to 1,200.

Tickets are available via conference organizers Atikko. Do note that these presentations will be held in Norwegian.

To book Gunnar Garfors for a presentation on travel, please get in touch with Athenas or contact him directly.

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