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– The Only Bad Trip Is The One You Didn’t Go On

“The Only Bad Trip Is The One You Didn’t Go On.”

That’s pretty much how I finished my TEDx talk in Binghamton in Upstate New York on March 26 (watch it above or on Youtube). And that more or less sums up the way I feel about travel. Nothing opens your eyes about the world, yourself and fellow citizens of the world better than leaving your well-known hometown. Which is why I decided to call my talk “World’s Least-Visited Countries Revisited”.

To see, explore and learn about new regions, peoples and cultures can best be done through your own travels. I tried to examplify through a few stories from some of the world’s least-visited countries. And I don’t believe in copycat tourism. Guidebooks aren’t necessarily bad for you, although I certainly prefer to seek your own memories and experiences. It beats plaguerising those of guidebook writers.

I enjoyed the TedX experience immensely, especially sharing experiences with so many people afterwards. And what an event! It was very professionally organized and with 1,200 people in a sold-out house. It would be great to hear what you think about it, please get in touch. Perhaps it can even inspire you or someone you know to start travelling or to travel more.

And I’ll be thankful if you share my TEDx talk. I hope to possibly help inspire more people to leave the safety of their own home, village or country and let the world enlighten minds. Not to travel would be an insult to my curiosity, mind, body and soul.

You should also take your time to enjoy the TEDx talks of the fabulous people I shared the stage with in Binghamton.

  1. Chris Koch from Canada has no hands or legs. He will still totally inspire you: If I Can…

  2. Former tennis pro Eric Butorac had is debut off-court, on-stage: Don’t Dream Big.

  3. Professor Ellyn Kaschak did extensive research on blind people: Seeing is Believeing or is Believeing Seeing.

  4. Cevin Soling believes that traditional schooling is outdated: The Truthiness of School.

  5. Social media star and activist Ranier Maningding has news for you: Social Activism is the New Civil Rights Movement.

  6. And student speaker of 2017, Mollie Teitelbaum, had a go at pretty much everyone: So, That’s Why You Annoy Me!

Me on stage at Binghamton University, upstate New York. Photo: TedX Binghamton.

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