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The Travel Podcast to Everywhere

Musician, comedian and author Kristopher Schau (middle) was our first guest with a live audience in Grefsenkollen, a bar overlooking Oslo. The event was even sold out!

The experiences of travellers make them brilliant storytellers. Being able to share what you have seen and done in villages, towns and countries far afield makes the world smaller. It bridges people and cultures and can increase knowledge and understanding about other faiths, world views and backgrounds.

Travel journalist and music festival organizer Thorkild Gundersen and I decided to try help spread traveller stories through our travel podcast series Globusrulett (Globe Roulette). Having visited most countries in the world at least four times between us, we have some stories to share ourselves – but we also invite other travellers, young and old to share their tales. And sometimes we record these interviews with a live audience before they are edited to a complete podcast. Throughout Globusrulett we will visit every country in the world, all 198 of them, but that is not all. Cities, regions or travel related themes will also be covered. What we will talk about is determined by throwing a ball onto a spinning roulette wheel. That gives us a bit of time to prepare for the next episode.

The podcast is unfortunately only available in Norwegian. For now.

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