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The Longest Borders to Patrol in the World

China wins yet another competition.

There are 198 countries in the world. 40 of them have no land borders to other countries, although both Singapore and Bahrain are connected to their neighbour via a road bridge or two. Russia and China border 14 countries each – more than any others, but in which countries do the border guards have the longest borders to cover? The shortest country border is between Botswana and Zambia where only 150 meters of border is shared between them, in the middle of a river.

China leads this statistic as well, with over 22,000 kilometers to patrol, according to Wikipedia. Number nine on the list has less than half the border, but only has one neighbour. Canada has to deal with the US only. For better or for worse.

The 10 countries with the longest borders 1. China: 22,147 kilometers 2. Russia: 20,017 kilometers 3. Brazil: 14,691 kilometers 4. India: 14,103 kilometers 5. USA: 12,034 kilometers 6. Kazakhstan: 12,012 kilometers 7. Congo, Democratic Republic: 10,730 kilometers 8. Argentina: 9,665 kilometers 9. Canada: 8,893 kilometers 10. Mongolia: 8,220 kilometers

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