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Spell Your Name with the World

There is no coincidence that this photo is from Ghana.

What do you mean you don’t have enough time or money to travel? No one ever does. Not enough. Luckily there are ways to virtually travel at the speed of light while waiting for the next real trip. Spell your name geographically.

Yes, it is real simple.

  1. Decide on what kind of a geographical entity you want to use. Go for town, village, city, mountain, island or lake and pick one for consistency. Or mix randomly together.

  2. Find photos from places starting with the letters in your name, preferrably with yourself in it. These will effectively spell your name out.

  3. Put the photos together in a picture editor such as Photoshop, the free online editor Pixlr or simply publish them one after another on your favourite social network. Embed the name of each place on each photo to make it easier to read, or let people guess. To increase difficulty, spell out a random word or a sentence instead. May I suggest I-LOVE-YOU or DO-YOU-WANT-TO-MARRY-ME?

These photos spell G-U-N-N-A-R (click it to enlarge). Can you guess from which countries they are? Correct answer? Scroll down.

I picked countries to spell my own name. You are out of luck if your name has an X in it. Unless you’re prepared to wait until Xinjang breaks free. That’s patience for you. I’d recommend picking cities instead.

And for O, Q, W and Y there is only one country each. Oman, Qatar, Western Sahara and Yemen.

Correct answer, my name spelled out by photos: Gambia Uzbekistan Nauru Norway Armenia Romania

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