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So You Thought USA Has Many Million-Cities?

One of the million-cities in the US.

Dream on. Many countries have more cities with over one million inhabitants than the US of A. The second biggest country of North America only has…care to guess?

The US only has 10 cities with a million people or more.

Can you name them? This is a great party quiz. You can find the answer here.

China has 4 times the number of people, but 14 times the number of million-cities! Yeah, 138 of them, most of which you never even knew existed. Or what about Pizhou, Heze or Zunyi? They all have more people than Miami, San Francisco and Boston.

China is in the lead, by far, with its 138 cities. That is more than the next eight countries on the list, combined. But which other countries do also beat or equal the US?


Do note that I have primarily used Wikipedia for the figures, and that how a city is calculated may vary from country to country. All figures are furthermore unfortunately not from the same year, but they should give you a good idea.

So, finally to the drum roll. The number of cities with over a million inhabitants in various countries follows in the list below. And please excuse me if I have forgotten any countries that should have been here. I’d love to hear from you.

1. China 138 2. India 47 3. Brazil 17 4. Indonesia 14 5. Japan 12 5. Russia 12 7. Nigeria 11 8. Mexico 10 8. USA 10 10. South Korea 9

11. Italy 8 11. Iran 8 11. Taiwan 8 14. Pakistan 7 14. Turkey 7 16. Egypt 6 17. France 5 17. South Africa 5 17. Venezuela 5 17. Vietnam 5

21. Colombia 4 21. Congo 4 21. Germany 4 21. Philippines 4 25. Argentina 3 25. Bangladesh 3 25. Myanmar 3 28. Spain 2 28. UK 2

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