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Shaven Not Stirred

From the television commercial for Bluebeard’s Revenge.

On June 18th I travelled to 5 continents with filmmaker Adrian Butterworth of Adelia Television. The story was received with interest across the globe and has so far received press coverage in 17 countries on four continents. It will all turn into a documentary film later this year, although a preview has already been made available in English and Norwegian. The preview has been watched by people in over 100 countries on Youtube. It has also impressed manufacturers of various travel related gear, such as hand luggage friendly grooming products from Bluebeards Revenge. They provide for high quality shaving experiences, their slogans being Travel Hard Shave Easy and Train Hard Shave Easy. They wanted me to star in a television ad, and gave me an offer I was unable to resist. So I suddenly found myself shaving in front of the camera in a small hotel downtown Caracas, one of the murder capitals of the world. The hotel was well protected though, so I ended up shaven, not stirred. The result can be seen here, on their website.

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