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Real Muslims Don’t Kill

I don’t write about religion, I write about travel and media.

But here we go.

I have met thousands of people from every country in the world, from every imaginable religion. And some unimaginable ones. Islam is the world’s second biggest religion, after Christianity, and I have naturally met and befriended Muslims from a range of countries, partied with Muslims and been to Muslim weddings. I have discussed life, faith and religion with them, been impressed by their religious conviction, yet we have disagreed on a number of issues. With neither me nor them becoming upset with or losing respect for each other. Muslims are my friends.

The last couple of years we have seen a rise in people who claim to be Muslims, who claim to be the only real Muslims, even. They might call themselves islamic extremists, jihadists or fundamentalists. But the moment they cross the line and start punishing, raping and killing in the name of Allah, they are no longer Muslims at all. Rather the contrary, doing so is blasphemy. Surely Allah would want to hold people accountable to him for their deeds on judgement day. Not by proxy. Not in advance.

What we see is groups using “Islam” as an excuse to kill, rape, pillage and plunder. Extremists that “take religions hostage” by committing heinous and totally non-religious acts in their names. They seem to have found a loophole, so to speak, in order to rightfully and with confidence spread their deluded, deranged and senseless propaganda, which in turn recruits people to join their seemingly legit, and “Muslim” mission.


Real Muslims don’t kill.

Real Muslims don’t rape.

Real Muslims don’t plunder.

Real Muslims don’t fear education.

Real Muslims don’t fear free speech.

Real Muslims don’t keep sex slaves.

Real Muslims don’t make kids blow themselves up.

Real Muslims don’t brainwash followers.

Real Muslims don’t [fill in here and Tweet it].

Terrorists do.

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