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Photos From Each Country

Country 13 of 198: Which country? #picture198countries

For the next 7 months or so I will post a photo from a new country every day. To be the first to see them, please follow me on Instagram (where I am @Garfors). I will not tell you which country they are from, that is up to you to guess, sometimes a little hint will be added. And please feel free to share your own photos from that particular country too, using #picture198countries. I would love to see many more shots than the 198 I will contribute with.

You guess by adding a comment to the photo via Instagram. The first 21 to correctly guess the right country 10 times will get a free copy of my book “198: How I Ran Out of Countries*” in the mail (or electronically, if you prefer). Or you can find out where to buy it here.

I will reveal which country each and every photo is from, a day after it has been posted. Most photos have been snapped by myself, I will otherwise credit the photographer. And I might appear in some of them, too.

And do not forget to enter yourself or others into The Country Challenge.

Please check for your daily photo fix, or see one photo from every country here.

Country 12 of 198: Which narrow country is this? Answer: Benin. #picture198countries

Country 11 of 198: Dr. Vodka rode a 56 meter high ferris wheel in which “white” country? Answer: Belarus. #picture198countries

Country 10 of 198: In which double landlocked country did our host invite me to dance to the radio in her livingroom? Answer: Uzbekistan. #picture198countries

Country 9 of 198: Which country has a female Nobel Peace Price winner who later gave name to the capital’s airport? My brother Øystein and I flew above the city in a funicular. #picture198countries

Country 8 of 198: In which country, accustomed to hyperinflation and a falling dictator, is this not an unusual selection in the sports shop? Answer: Zimbabwe. #picture198countries

Country 7 of 198: Adrian Butterworth celebrates our Guinness World Record in which country? Answer: Dominican Republic. #picture198countries

Country 6 of 198: In which country is guinea pig a delicacy and the rose a national flower? Answer: Ecuador. #picture198countries

Country 5 of 198: Probably the coolest tourist attraction in the world is in which country? No hint today. Answer: Turkmenistan. #picture198countries

Country 4 of 198: I got in trouble where? Hint: A bar here plays nothing but Depeche Mode. Answer: Estonia. #picture198countries

Country 3 of 198. Hint: Former home of the dodo. Answer: Mauritius. Most creative suggestion: Dodoland. #picture198countries

Country 2 of 198. Hint: This country doesn’t have the letter “s”, but the “s” sound is even in the country’s name. Answer: Kiribati. #picture198countries

Country 1 out of 198. Hint: You cannot buy tobacco here. Answer: Bhutan. #picture198countries

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