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My Dream to Travel

Photo: Adrian Porras.

Are you a world traveler? Congratulations! That’s the only thing I can say…

This is a guest post by Adrian Porras from Costa Rica. He recently got in touch with me via email: “Greetings! I’ve been to 5 other countries in my life, all of them in America. I love to travel and take pictures (i don’t have a camera though). We definetely live in different worlds. I wish I had an opportunity to travel like you… I would work very hard to do so but in my country that’s not possible. I wish you could help me find a way to fullfil my dream of being in all the continents. I can work with you or anyone else for a decent payment… Well, I just wanted to share a dream with you so that you understand how lucky you are.” And lucky I am, no doubt about it. I am from a well developed and democratic country, I have a decent salary and I can chose to spend most of it on what I love most – travelling. The majority of people do not have that option. I challenged Adrian to write a post for, from his perspective. Here it is.

Photo: Adrian Porras.

In general, I never traveled with my family. The reason? Well, I was born in rural Costa Rica and we didn’t have money to travel. Traveling was never high on our list of priorities. And I know that you may be thinking why would someone want to travel when that person lives in paradise?

Because there’s a whole world out there to be conquered! I love to travel and I still don’t have the money to do so… That’s why I’m writing to all of you who have the chance to travel to incredible destinations, to think about how lucky you are…

But please think about this when you go to another country: What about the people living there? Do they dream about traveling to a country like mine? In my case the answer is yes! I don’t care if you think that just because I live in a tropical paradise that has to be the end of the story for me. I’ve never been outside the American Continent but I dream about it all the time! I just look forward to establish connections with countries or cultures outside of America.

I hope to get the possibility to travel all around the world. And preferrably soon, while I am still young and in a reasonably fit shape. Most people I know start travelling around when they are old, but I do not wish to wait that long, maybe having to wait until I am not fit and healthy enough. What stops me in doing it? In countries like mine, you are simply not able to afford it.

Photo: Adrian Porras.

I also want you to know this: It is really a dilemma for people who live in countries like mine, because we get tourists from all around the world all year round, and we dream about being tourists in other countries too.

For some people traveling is a dream that comes true through staying in big hotels, going to big cities and spending a lot of money… For me, traveling is a different idea. I don’t mind going to places no one else plans to visit, to stay in cheap hostels in rural areas or buying my food from local markets. I don’t care if I have to travel long hours by bus or boat, with only a backpack. I just want the opportunity to do it.

Adrian Porras, Costa Rica.

I want to challenge myself, to enjoy new experiences, to truly find myself, to learn about new cultures, to eat exotic foods, to experience new adventures, to take great pictures or to just have fun. Maybe one day I will write about my dream coming true.

For now, enjoy your lives. Be thankful for how lucky you are and remember that there are millions of people around the world who wish to have at least a tiny bit of the opportunities to travel that you have.

Adrian Porras, Costa Rica

You can reach Adrian by email.

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