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Innovative Newspaper Design in North Korea

I was in North Korea in April, 2009. Another foreigner was there in October 2010. We both photographed the front page of The Pyongyang Times. The country’s only newspaper written in English seems to be cutting costs by reusing titles and layout.

2009 version to the left.

One of the articles in the 2009 edition was about North Koreas loss to South Korea in a World Cup qualifier. The journalist was not too happy: “Moreover, it is shocking that the Japanese refereeing supervisor shamelessy connived at this though he was obliged to ensure fair refereeing. The match turned into a mess of tricks and swindles. It is as clear as day that this was the product of the Lee Myung Bak [the President of South Korea] clan’s moves of confrontation with the DPKR and the deliberate behavior of the dishonest forces instigated by the clan. We sternly condemn the behavior of the Lee clan, which misbehaves itself in every way in disregard of the nation and the idea of sport, as the anti-reunification and anti-national moves of confrontation with the DPRK and strongly urge the south Korean authorities to bear full responsibility and immediately apologize for the serious incident.”

Have you seen any other front pages from The Pyongyang Times like this? Or do you have similar experiences from North Korea or beyond?

And a little bit on touching down in North Korea from an article I wrote for Terminal U..

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