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‘By Train, by Plane or on Horse; Travel the World With Gunnar Garfors’

Making a documentary in Casablanca, Morocco. Photo: Adelia TV.

Well, the radio jingle isn’t quite like that, it is in Norwegian with a similar Shakesperean level of rhyme (of which I can neither take no credit nor accept any blame). I was asked to do my own travel competition on Nitimen, the most popular radio program on Norway’s biggest radio station NRK P1 which can boast a market share of between 55 and 60%. That is unprecedented (outside North Korea).

Every Tuesday and Thursday I tell the listeners about a country, and they have to guess which one I have been describing through facts and personal experiences. I have so far quizzed listeners on countries like Colombia, Monaco and Lesotho.

The concept has been made in cooperation with Nitimen’s four program leaders. It is virtually identical on Saturdays, but I then tell the listeners about a city. Such as Montevideo and Tallin.

One winner every day gets a DAB digital radio as a prize. The slot has been on air for three weeks now, and is allegedly rather popular judging by the number of SMS responses. Norwegians must like to travel. I certainly do.

The competition questions are obviously in Norwegian, but you can listen in live here – usually between 09:30 and 10:00 Norwegian time, or on demand here (available a few hours after the show is finished at 11:00).

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