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20 States in 24 Hours

Whatever it is, we were never cured. Tay-young Pak, Øystein Djupvik and I are at it again.

Well, that is at least what we aim for when we buckle up for yet another World Record attempt in the US of A.

The three of us are rather restless, and we will make an outragous attempt to visit more than 19 US States, the current record, in just 24 hours next week. We managed 19 countries in less than 24 hours last year when we beat the current world record by two countries, and experienced press coverage world-wide (see list below the article).

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I am anticipating a race against the clock this time around too, to beat the 12 year old record. We need a fair amount of tailwind, primarily downhill roads and a tiny bit of luck to break it, but we hope that our planning will pay off.

Øystein Djupvik and Tay-young Pak make up the rest of the team this time around too.

“All three have trained a lot for this slightly manic trip and aim for celebration. This is of course not really about traveling, this is about smart choices, having fun and pushing any limits but speed limits. We want to live to tell the tale,” Øystein says.

While Tay has been training for the trip in Somalia, Angola, Djibouti and other countries less travelled in Africa.

“I am welcoming a slightly more comfortable trip in the US. Then again, who knows with Øystein behind the wheel,” Tay jokes.

How many states have you visited in a day? And how many do you think we will manage? You may even bet on it and on which one we will end the mission in on

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