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You Really Wanna Win the Mobile Phone War?

Samsung launched an ad campaign in the US shortly after the press launch of Apple’s Iphone 5. Apple fans were not impressed and immediately started Photoshop jobs on the original ads.

Both camps of fans are however missing the point. The phone manufacturers brag about various features, many of which do more or less the same, but with various copyrighted or trademarked names. But where are the groundbreaking features?

The original ad.

Response from Apple fans’.

And a slightly more neutral version.

These posters are all missing the point.

Who cares what you call your phone features, when they are not all that unique anyway? Why not dare to be innovative and add what really matters? I would like to see some new and exciting features that customers actually will benefit from in their mobile phones. Adding DAB+/DMB will give users the possibility to receive free to air radio in over 40 countries around the world and mobile TV in more and more countries. How about that for a USP?

Adding DMB, DAB and DAB+ in mobile phones would even be an advantage to MNOs in helping them with the following:

  1. Divert synchronous data (radio/TV) to broadcasting networks. That would offload their own telecom networks which are already struggeling. Do keep in mind that mobile data traffic is forecasted to increase 35 times by 2015. The number of connected devices will also explode from 5 billion now via 15 billion in 2015 to a staggering 50 billion in 2020.

  2. Increase the quality of service for all asynchronous services (normal web surfing) for all customers.

  3. Add new revenue streams (i.e. tag and buy music tracks played on the radio).

  4. Introduce unique selling points to customers (many new free to air radio stations and mobile TV channels).

  5. Open up for partnerships with broadcasters and third party companies that offer services on top of broadcasting services. This may include marketing opportunities.

To name a few issues.

So, who will be global brand to add what we’re really missing in mobile phones? Samsung is ahead so far. They have already produced a mini tablet, The Samsung Galaxy S 5.0 Wifi with built-in DMB and DAB+.

I hope to see the first DMB/DAB+ phone next year. But it will take a cooperation between broadcasters, phone manufacturers and not least mobile network operators. Sounds like a wide shot? Hardly. Not when everyone will benefit from it.

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