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World First: Five Continents in One Day

PRESS RELEASE (English, Norwegian (nynorsk), Norwegian (bokmål): Gunnar Garfors from Norway is on his way to try to visit five countries on five continents in the same day, using only scheduled transport. He started the journey just after midnight and is now on his way to Europe, continent number three. British production company Adelia Television follows the journey, a world’s first if successful, to make documentaries about it.

– This is one of those crazy ideas that turned out too challenging and fun not to pursue further. The television production companies I took it to agreed, so it will even be thoroughly documented, Garfors says.

He is a keen traveler, having visited 174 of the 198 countries of the world. A short video version of the five-continents-in-a-day journey will be made available online only hours after Garfors has stepped on continent number five of the day. The full-length documentary will take weeks more to complete. Versions in both English and Norwegian will be produced by Adelia Television.

– This is not designed to be a bragging story. It is certainly about the neck breaking journey in itself, but equally much about the shrinking world we live in, the people, the cultures, the contrasts. And it won’t be ‘airport TV’ either. We are meeting people on every continent, away from the airports. Says Adrian Butterworth. He is CEO of Adelia Television.

The five continents that will have a brief Norwegian-British encounter on June 18 are, in alphabetical order, Africa, Asia, Europe, North America and South America. The complete itinerary will not be public until after completion of the journey, due to safety precautions. You may follow @garfors on Twitter for live updates from the trip or use the tweet tag #continentrun to discuss or comment. You may visit for more information.

Gunnar Garfors is originally a journalist, but now runs NMTV, a Norwegian mobile television company and IDAG, an international radio and TV organization. He is 37 years old, has six brothers and sisters and comes from the village of Naustdal on the Norwegian West Coast. He lives in Oslo.

Adelia Television is a television production company based in Bournemouth. It is run by Adrian Butterworth who has broad experience from various television broadcasters across the UK. The company has produced documentaries for the UK home office and corporate clients.

For questions or inquiries;

Please contact spokesman Øystein Garfors on / +47 41 53 06 03.

This press release as PDF; In English, in Norwegian (nynorsk), in Norwegian (bokmål).

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