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We got some world records, but not all

We did, in other words, equal it. But no one has visited as many countries as us in the same day. Our attempt started at 00.00.01 on May 8.

The two maps showing our journey in detail will be uploaded as soon as I get into a country where my carrier Netcom offers roaming (that old Samsung S3 doesn’t connect to Wifi).

You mean you cannot wait? Well, here it goes: Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Germany, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Croatia, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Montenegro, Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, Serbia and Bulgaria. Only Greece stood between us and world record stardom. Oh well, we secured one other record too. Øystein Djupvik drove single handedly to all of the 17 countries in 24 hours. No one else can equal that.

And I guess that I can claim to have tweeted from 17 countries in 24 hours. That’s always something.

I’d of course rather see the 17 countries in 24 hours beaten, but we had an amazing time, heard from so many people and could really feel the enthusiasm. So, thank you, all! The twitter tag #recordrun was litterally overheating, boosted by a lot of media interest.

The interest really made my day, our day. So, we are actually celebrating in a little holiday in a tiny town in Bulgaria. With quality Champagne. We had the best of times, and the feeling continues.

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