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The Countries that Border the Most Countries

China borders 14 other countries. The same as Russia. That make them great travel hubs.

38 island nations border zero countries. Canada borders only one while the US borders twice as many. But which country borders the most others and can therefore be said to be the most international hub nation in the world?

Not something you have even thought about? Geography nerds, unite.

Two countries actually share the honor. Both Russia and China border 14 countries each. Including each other. Russia is the biggest country in the world, but China actually has longer land borders. Sharing borders with so many countries will create challenges with regards to border controls, but certainly also opportunities when it comes to trade and tourism. And from a traveller’s viewpoint, both Russia and China are great hubs for travel to all of its neighbours and beyond.

Russia is also the only country that separates Norway from North Korea. How about that for some quality trivia?

Istanbul, the city with flights to most countries is in Turkey. The country takes a shared 7th place in this highly prestigious competition as it shares borders with 8 countries.

1. China: 14 countries, 22,117 border kilometers

1. Russia: 14 countries, 20,017 border kilometers

3. France: 11 countries, 4,082 border kilometers

4. Brazil: 10 countries, 14,691 border kilometers

5. Democratic Republic of the Congo: 9 countries, 10,730 border kilometers

5. Germany: 9 countries, 3,621 border kilometers

7. Zambia: 8 countries, 5,667 border kilometers

7. Tanzania: 8 countries, 3,861 border kilometers

7. Turkey: 8 countries, 2,648 border kilometers

7. Austria: 8 countries, 2,562 border kilometers

7. Serbia: 8 countries, 2,027 border kilometers

10 countries border 7 countries.

And the 11 shortest land borders in the world? Find out here.

Source: Wikipedia.

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