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So you think you wanna write for

This site had one million hits in 2013, most of them for travel related posts. I regularly receive offers from guest writers, promising me amazing stories in return for money, a link to a website or the possibility to add “published on” to their CV. I have turned most down. Why?

Well, because a lot of them are written as advertisements where a link to some tacky, obscure or over commercialized website is required as “payment”.

Some of them are however not, and I have read quite a few. They may be interesting and well written, even with amazing photos, but they do usually not fit in with the style of The style? Usually a little rough, covering something or somewhere unusual and with a fair amount of self-irony, self-sarcasm or black humour.

I am happy to publish your story, if it is well written, witty and comes with at least one good photo to which all rights are cleared.

But, yes there is a but. I have virtually no income on, so I do not pay for posts. That means that you should think twice before submitting your story. Because if I want to publish it, chances are that others are happy to do so too. And they might pay you hard cash for it.

All I can offer is a byline with your full name. Plus a link to your website or blog (no corporate tie-ins, please) and to add a photograph and a bio of you. That’s it. I’d also like the post to be exclusive to for the first six weeks.

You mean you are still keen? Do get in touch.

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