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Nike Is Right, Just Do It

Just do it.

What can I say? Having travelled to every country in the world, while still regularly exploring the continents of the world, I get a fair amount of feedback through social media, emails and even old-fashioned postcards and letters. Some people hate me (or resolutely claim to – thanks guys and girls), others are critical of the pollution they feel that I contribute to or share to whoever can be bothered to listen how envious they are of my travels. Many are still inspired, or think that they are.

Yet, most of the people that I hear from express that they wish they could travel like I do. I won’t say that you can or cannot. But there are for sure certain sacrifices to be made should you wish to venture down the exploration route, unless you are absolutely loaded (which I am not). I have made it a priority to spend literally everything I make on jet fuel, public transport, accommodation and whatever else might be needed to travel. And no, nice try, I make a rather average wage as a radio advisor at NRK, Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation.

What matters is what I choose not to do. I only have a certain amount of possible income, i only manage to save up a little bit of that. And we’re not talking stacks of dollar bills, well perhaps semi-tall stacks of one dollar bills. The money I have managed to save up is still there only due to the fact that I have decided not to do a number of money diminishing activities or not to buy certain goods.

And it’s not necessarily about the amount of money you manage to save up. I have majored in reasonable accommodation, I have a PhD in cheap plane tickets and I know where to find those meals cheaply (being a decent cook helps, I am great at i.e. cutting sashimi). I don’t have heaps of cash, so to make what you have go as far as possible matters. Then travel alone, with friends, with family or with your loved one. I have done all of the above,

To me, it is all about collecting experiences and sharing memories. I don’t care much for sports cars, designer clothes or famous paintings on my wall. My journeys nationally or internationally provide me with uncountable experiences and memories. You don’t have to go to the other side of your country, your continent or the world to engage in new cultures, taste new foods or talk to different people. The other side of town, your next county/province/state or a neighbouring country is a bloody good start.

Why be envious of me or other people that travel? It is your choice. Merchandise or memories? Expensives or exploring? Standard shit or surprising stories?

Nike is right. Just do it.

Go travel.

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