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Looking Outside the Box

Broadcasting has traditionally been seen as a way to distribute radio and television. Some has seen it as the only way to do so. But the industry is changing the views on what can be distributed, how it can be distributed and why a combination of various distribution technologies is the way forward.

The EBU’s (European Broadcasting Union) annual conference on digital radio will in 2011 focus on how digital radio, mobile TV and the internet can be combined in order to reach out to more people with more programmes and with more possibilities for dialogue, interaction and additional services that make the radio stations and TV channels even more relevant, enjoyable and spot on.

The conference programme is not finalized yet, but speakers from around Europe will contribute to a conference which will show broadcasters, telecom operators, devicemanufacturers, network providers, politicians and beurocrats how to look outside the box.

One of the keynote speakers is Mr. Roger Solheim who is the State Secretary of The Norwegian Ministry of Culture. He will go in detail of why The Government of Norway has decided to switch off FM in 2017. He will also explain why going digital means many more radio stations for everyone across the mountainous country and cover the added possibilities for interactivity, on-demand programmes and additional services. A range of other speakers with insight of the broadcasting industry will share thoughts and ideas in Brussels.

The event will take place in the European Parliament on October 11-12.

Do watch this space for updates on the agenda.

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