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Like Selling Flowers to Unfaithful Husbands

Tivizen IP-100, the dongle that supercharges Ipads, Ipods and Iphones.

Do you have an Iphone, Ipod or Ipad? Do you miss radio or TV on the device? A lot of I-owners seem to be very pleased with their devices, but a little annoyed that there are no radio or TV functionality built in.

International DMB Advancement Group is cooperating with a Korean manufacturer to introduce a little dongle that plugs into Apple devices, directs the user to an app that instantly provides broadcasted radio and television to the device (via DMB/DAB/DAB+). Broadcasting means radio waves that distributes radio and mobile TV without an internet connection (just like to an traditional radio or television set). The dongle will therefore give you radio and TV without any costs or bandwidth constraints and without the need for an internet connection via Wi-Fi or 3G.

The device comes with it’s own battery and can run off that one, run off the mother device’s battery or even provide extra battery capacity to the “mother ship.” The dongle’s own battery works for 4 hours with constant radio or TV usage.

I was demonstrating the dongle at IFA, the world’s biggest consumer electronics event which is being organized in Berlin every September. Virtually everyone that tested the device wanted one. Instantly. Like selling flowers to unfaithful husbands or umbrellas in Bergen, rain capital of the world. Except for the fact that I only had a few demo sets available, none which were for sale. I was offered cash, cheques and even drinks in return for one of my few demo sets. I had to decline and rather tell them that the device will be sold shortly around Europe.

The device will probably sell for 49-59 Euros. I would like to perform a little temperature measurement. Would you buy this dongle, which comes in black or white? Please comment below or send me an email. This will help IDAG (an organization which I head) plan distribution around the world. Do note that IDAG is a non-profit organization that works to promote, facilitate and coordinate DMB/DAB/DAB+ activities world wide. IDAG does not make money on this or other similar devices.

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