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I don’t like sharing world records

Here we go again.

Two friends and I equalled a world record in May. We visited 17 countries in 24 hours, the same as four friends managed in 2012.

But I don’t like sharing. Not world records, at least.

Time has come for us to try to finally break it. We believe that 19 countries in 24 hours is within reach, and we will go all in and aim for it in September/October. The route is all brand new, we have put even more planning into the project this time and we have experience. The experience of failure. Can’t beat that.

We have already got backing from one major sponsor, but there is room for one or two more. How about having your name on or in our car? Even providing the car? Or seeing your energy drink help us keep awake? There are a lot of possibilities here, do get in touch.

A Norwegian TV team is planning to follow our journey. So can you. A GPS enabled map will be updated every minute on

Who we are? The team is unchanged. Star driver Øystein Djupvik and travelling food wiz Tay-young Pak are at it again.

Watch this space.

Øystein Djupvik lives in Naustdal and will be the main driver of this slightly manic record attempt. He has two children, something that ensures a safe and responsible ride. The 40 year old is a part of the management team of Transferd, a logistics company. He is also a local politician and enjoys sports fishing. Djupvik works against planned dumping of 300 million tons of waste mixed with chemicals, planned to be done by a mining company in the fjord he lives next to. Tay-young Pak is on a mission to visit every country of the world and to engage in extreme activities while at it. Please follow him on He has worked years as a consultant within business and management. Pak is 41 years old and from a Korean family. He was still born in Iceland and has lived most of his life in Oslo. Gunnar Garfors is the youngest hobby traveller to have visited all 198 countries of the world. The 39 year old has six younger siblings and is from Naustdal . Garfors currently lives in Oslo, works with DAB digital radio for NRK (Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation) and writes a book on all his travels. The book, “198”, is due to be published in Norwegian by Samlaget on September 18.

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