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Globetrotting Gifts with a Twist

“Darling, we’re going to Afghanistan.”

Experiences beat stuff any day of the year. Including for Christmas and birthdays. And what can possibly be better than travel experiences? I cannot think of much. Which is why I usually give travel gift certificates rather than gadgets, designer clothing or jewelry. A trip for two to Cape Town, the Himalayas or São Tomé og Príncipe. A bonus is of course that you get to take part yourself. Not to mention everything you get to see, do and experience. A journey will provide you with new impressions 24/7. Shared experiences and stories to tell.

You can even add some excitement to your travel gift certificate. For instance by letting the recipent play a role in deciding where you will go. Which may mean not only giving a gift certificate, but also some stuff. Such as three darts. And a map. Plus some simple rules.

On the map you clearly mark several places where you would like to take the recipent on a trip. The rules won’t take up much space.

1. Put the map on the wall. 2. Stand five meters away from the map. 3. Throw the three darts or shoot the arrows. 4. Find the dart/arrow that is closest to one of the marked destinations. If two or three are equally close to a destination, you pick the one you want. 5. This is a gift certificate for us to go there on holiday.

Darts may be a little bit easier, unless you have a zulu bow laying around your flat.

The last time I gave such a gift certificate I ended up in Armenia. But you don’t have to if you are more of a beach bum. Since you provide the map you can essentially decide on destinations you would like to visit. Rather selfish, in other words. And much better than boring giftwrapped stuff. Keep in mind that you can limit the options to a region, country, continent or go for the entire world. Or add cities, villages, islands, countries or a combination of the above. And if your friend, boyfriend or wife has always dreamt about Hawaii, Honduras or Dushanbe, put those onto the map and add put some pressure on him or her to aim properly.

Consider yourself challenged. And please let me know where the bow and arrow took you.

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