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‘Elsewhere’ Available Now

You can buy a gift certificate like this, to put under the Christmas tree, or preorder the book for yourself. Preorders qualify for a 15 % discount, and free delivery via the post.

Hurrah, my book about the world’s 20 least visited countries is finally finished! It is the first time someone has researched which these countries are. UNWTO publishes a list about tourist figures per country every year, but it lacks the numbers from the least visited ones. I have previously written about the 20 countries, in the book that is now available I go much more in depth and try to give you perspectives you have never heard through the media.

It is now available to preorder in Norwegian, on quality publisher Skald. Due to six visa denials to one of the countries, we were unfortunately not able to finalize everything in time for Christmas, as intended. You can still buy a gift certificate to a Norwegian friend who will then receive it in the post as soon as it is available from the printing house in April 2019.

I have not yet signed a deal for the English version, or in other languages, please shout out if you are interested or know someone who might be. My first book, ‘How I Ran Out of Countries‘, sold 2,000 copies in Norwegian and 10,000 in English.

The name of my second book in Norwegian is ‘Ingenstad’, or ‘Elsewhere’ which it is called in English. Literary agent Northern Stories represents the book abroad.

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