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Duck Betting is the new Horse Racing

This rubber duck was snapped in Osaka, Japan and is ulikely to enter the race in Honolulu. Creative commons licensed photo by Yoshimasa Niwa.

Saturday March 30 is a big day for rubber ducks world-wide! The annual ‘Great Hawaiian Rubber Duckie Race’ will take place in Honolulu for the 26th time, running. You or your duck not in Hawaii? Do not despair, you can put your money on as many ducks as you want. Online. And if your duck wins, or even crosses the finish line as one of the 50 first duckies, you are – as the owner – in for some special prices. They include Hawaiian holidays, Hawaiian duck tours (of course), a swim with dolphins and miniature Ipads.

The race isn’t happening all on its own, it comes with other forms of entertainment, games and food as part of the ‘pre-race festivities.’ The many hundred ‘cute’ rubber ducks are dropped simultaneously into Ala Wai Canal in which they will fight the fierce but silent battle towards the finish line. And don’t be late, the race starts exactly at 13:16.

It only costs $5 dollars per duck. Proceeds will benefit United Cerebral Palsy Association of Hawaii. Hesitate no more, adopt-a-duck today! Of course, as with any adoption, you will need to fill out an official adoption form.

Aspiro TV, formerly known as Rubberduck Media Lab, should certainly put some marketing dollars here. You in, Espen? So should the rubber duck collectors, my colleagues at Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK). How many ducks have you entered into the race, Hege, Helge and Erik?

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