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Combination Tablets, Finally

I have been talking about the combination between broadcasting and the Internet for a long time. Why not use the best of two worlds to deliver services that outshines what only one of them can do?

The problem so far has been the lack of devices to do so. But that is now changing. IDAG (International DMB Advancement Group) has teamed up with Enspert, tablet maker number two in Korea, to launch several tablet models under the brand name Identity. Their press release came out today.

The tablets run Android and have screen sizes ranging from 7 to 9 inches. They will hit stores in several countries on four continents in June, including Australia, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, South Africa and Vietnam.

It is access to an API communicating with the DMB player that makes it possible to combine broadcasting and the Internet. That opens various possibilities such as the following examples:

1. Give thumb up or thumb down to a TV programme or a part of a TV programme while watching just by pressing the screen. 2. Chat by typing messages on screen while watching TV or listening to radio. Can be done via Twitter, Facebook or any other suited service. Example below. 3. Touch the screen to vote for a competitor in i.e. American Idol. 4. Touch the screen to via 3G or WLAN, download the next episode of True Blood one week before it airs on TV.

Some or all of these services may be free of charge from a public broadcaster, while commercial broadcasters will have great possibilities to enable new and exciting business models.

A tablet with built in DMB, DAB and DAB+ opens up for all sorts of combinations between TV, radio and the Internet. Enspert’s Identity tablets are the first that can do this.

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