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Another Travel Book in the Making

Pont Natural, Mauritius.

My first book, “How I Ran Out of Countries” has miraculously sold close to 10,000 copies. The feedback from readers all over the world has been very inspiring, and it is time for my second travel book. This time around, I will focus on countries most of you haven’t heard of, let alone visited. Which means I will return to countries such as Somalia, Kiribati and South Sudan.

My employer has agreed to give me six months of unpaid leave for the book writing project, I will naturally be travelling most of that time for research purposes. So, if you live or know someone in a country that you think deserves more attention, please get in touch and I might suddenly visit. I am easily travelled and not opposed to impulsiveness. I am looking for good and unusual stories from colourful people, many of whom may end up in the book which is due out in the autumn 2018 on my Norwegian publisher Samlaget (yes, I know what it means in Swedish). The English version is due out in early 2019.

How I can afford to travel the world for six months without pay? Luckily NFFO, the Norwegian Nonfiction Author Association issues grants for published authors to make it possible for us to take time off work and write full-time. It is such a wonderful opportunity. Thank you a trillion for believing in my book idea, NFFO!

You can follow me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Chances are that I will post a thing or two hundred related to the book writing throughout. My first month of full-time research and writing is in August and I’ll start somewhere in Africa.

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