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A Tribute to Cannonball Run 2

Tay-young Pak, driver Øystein Djupvik and myself.

Two friends of mine and I recently visted 22 US states in 24 hours – a world record. It took a little bit of low flying as well as some high flying, and inspired us to make a little bit of a tribute to Cannonball Run 2, and its intro in particular. Watch them both.

The world record was sponsored by ComeOn, a betting company. The stunt doubled as “the world’s fastest book promotion tour” of “198: How I Ran Out of Countries“.

The original below. What we outrageously ripped off starts around 00:43. We couldn’t quite match the car nor the women, though. But sometimes you just have to use what is commonly available. At least we beat the film when it came to the modified speed limit.

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