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18 countries in 24 hours?

Tay-Young Pak, Øystein Djupvik and myself are at it again.

We tried before, and managed 17 countries in 24 hours. But sharing world records isn’t quite our cup of tea, so we will try again.

You can follow us on the map below, or see what we are up to on Twitter or Instagram by using #recordrun, or see the Twitter feed below the map.

And what is more, you can even bet on how many countries we will manage, or put your money on a number of other trip related things. The betting company Come On is our sponsor (please feel free to mention them), and is at your service at The current record is 17 countries in 24 hours. Will we break it, and if we do, by how many countries?

You can follow the journey from shortly before 01:00 (1am) Norwegian time on Sunday September 21. Some people would call it Saturday night live.

For photos and the official press release (in Norwegian), see here. To embed the map on your site, find the code at GreenAlp, our eminent tracking provider.

Map and tracking by:

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