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12 Reasons Why Jogging Improves Your Travels

In Kingston, Jamaica I ran together with partner in crime Thorkild Gundersen.

I always travel with hand luggage only, but I still somehow manage to squeeze in some ultra light running shoes and shorts. Why on earth would I waste valuable packing space for that?

Because to run while on the road is one of my top travel tips. There are at least 12 reasons why you should run too, while on holiday.

  1. To go for a run is an excellent way to get to know a new place, and to discover hidden treasures such as restaurants, bars, parks, beaches and hidden paths that you would otherwise never have found. Many of these are worth revisiting later, when wearing different kinds of shoes.

  2. As a foreigner you will usually stand out, also when you jog. Use this to your advantage and get in touch with locals and fellow travellers alike. This especially applies if you smile to those that you pass on your run.

  3. When you are on vacation, many of us sit still more than usual, whether in plane seats or on beach chairs. This tends to show on your waistline after your holiday.

  4. Again, when on holiday, we usually eat and drink better and more than at home. The price of your trip will increase even more if you have to buy new and bigger clothes after you have returned.

  5. Staying in shape makes you feel healthier. It also prepares you better for long journeys.

  6. Being out of shape is great for boosting jetlag.

  7. Breaking a sweat now and then makes me sleep better.

  8. Bring your smartphone, and you are virtually guaranteed to come across photo opportunities that you wouldn’t otherwise have. Some of my own best photos are from my jogging trips. Your phone can also be used to track your route and to get you home in one piece should you get lost.

  9. Studies show that excerise is good for your own mental health.

  10. I notice that running boosts my creativity. Usually I get several ideas during a run.

  11. Sightseeing tours for joggers are being organized in more and more towns and cities around the. Join one of those to meet people and to get to know the place. Perfect for those of you that prefer company. If you can’t find such tours, reach out through social media or ask around at the local sports shop or at the nearest running ground or football field.

  12. The best thing about it all is that you won’t have to start at zero when returning home. You will, in other words, stay in shape.

The only issue is that you’ll end up with sweaty and smelly gear. Which is why I always carry a small bag of washing powder.

And be aware of dodgy neighbourhoods. Ask around if you are not sure about where running may be a bad idea.

Enjoy your run, globejogger.

Me on the runway in Tuvalu. There is only one. And the airport code is, of course, FUN.

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