Monday, November 18, 2013

Where to Write My Book?

Should I go back to India?
I am currently writing the book about my travels to every country in the world. To write such a book in my flat in Oslo would totally collide with the content. So I won't. But where should I go?

I have 80 days of writing to go. That would just about give me time for a Phileas Fogg, but I also have to work, so that is ruled out. I have however received a writer's grant from the Norwegian Freedom of Expression Foundation, aka. Fritt Ord. That enables me to to fund six weeks off work, without pay.

Being slightly restless, it is unlikely that I will write everything in one place. But how about six spots, with one week in each? There's always a plane, train or knackered Peugeot 505 bush taxi to transport me in between them all.

All I need are inspirational surroundings, the occasional mind-blowing dish and a peaceful balcony with a view. And possibly a bar, should I run into writer's block. Brown liquer allegedly helps. Or not. But which six places should I go to? I should of course know, following my research around the world, but there are just too many nice places out there.

The deadline for the Norwegian version is February 5, and I am in contact with publishers in a few other countries too. You mean you are also interested in publishing the book? Do get in touch, adventurous soul.


  1. There are just too many nice places out there. I agree. So, my suggestion: Someplace you don't met yet. In some country which you leave but you wanna go back. Because there a city or I don't know a reason for your go back. Some feeling.

  2. Asia can be inspirational, my new dream place to travel is Ho Chi Minh City or maybe you should visit Hong kong :-) Hardly can't wait for the English version of the book! :-)

    1. Thanks! :)

      Asia is indeed amazing! I will most likely visit both the Philippines and Japan...

  3. Replies
    1. I love the mountains and the people in Peru! There are so many countries I should visit while writing...

  4. You forgot about writing at the Cook Islands and Niue :-)

  5. You should visit Brazil, especially Santa Teresa, a neighborhood in the core of Rio de Janeiro. I would like to read your book.

  6. I admire you're able to write a book being somewhere out of your flat. Personally i'm not able to and want to see everything around the place i go to - maybe because it's usually a one year occasion, so i need to use it well.

    Anyway, I reccomend Madeira, civilized, portuguese island, with nice climate even in winter and hardly any tourists around, but what's best- great nature around, mountains, atlantic ocean, almost jungle like forests and many nice places to see. If i wanted to write a book I'd go there (well i'd have to go there at least 2 times more to get bored with it, so it's not tempting to do everything but write a book) and spend there all this time needed to write it, and not waste time on dreadful journeys, feeling bad from jet lag, etc

  7. A place to write about the World should have the following characteristics:
    -Safe and comfortable with modern technologies at hand for research
    -Cosmopolitan or with a mix of cultures (either through history or current events)
    -Inspire travel and have a taste of the exotic
    -Not have too many distractions

    Thus, I would recommend one of the following :
    1. Guadalajara, Mexico : Modern and traditionnal at the same time, a mix of European and Aztec cultures
    2. Lisbon : The Praça do Commercio is surrounded by imperial buildings on 3 sides and by the Tagus River's inlet to the Atlantic on the fourth. The taste of the sea in the wind there makes you want to jump on a sailboat and follow the great navigators who "discovered" the World.
    3. Melbourne : a great place to work and get inspired by the coast or the Vineyards

    Other places I find to be inspirational for writting : Rokko (above Kobe, Japan), Drakensberg Mountains in South Africa, San Antonio TX, or almost any island nation !

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